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Le Vieux Beaumont
Jersey, Saint-Pierre, JE3

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Herbal Teas and Culinary Herbs


Home Grown, Hand Picked, No Additives

Les Herbes de St. Pierre  is a range of deliciously scented dried herbs and herbal teas grown, hand picked and dried in Jersey at Belmont farm in the Parish of St Peter.

Herbal teas

Soothing chamomile, cooling mints, delicately scented lemon verbena, cleansing fennel and wild rose hip are part of a growing selection of natural, delicately scented herbal teas available.   

Our herbs are picked when they are at their peak and the drying process used ensures maximum retention of precious essential oils and bioactive substances to preserve their numerous, well-known health benefits. Our herbs are ‘naked’, with no added flavours or oils.

Culinary Herbs

Herbs are an essential ingredient of Mediterranean cooking, not only for their delicious flavour but for their health enhancing benefits which are well known and researched.

Our own special blend of dried thyme, rosemary, oregano, basil, winter savoury and calendula is a must for grilling, barbecuing and marinating meats – adding flavour as well as a splash of colour to any dish.

Herbal Salt

Our herbal salt uses the best quality Guérande coarse grey sea salt straight from the French Atlantic coast. Naturally rich in Magnesium and 100% additive free, it is suffused with our classic culinary mix of 5 aromatic herbs. It is packed in a moist form to activate the dried herbs, releasing their unique flavour. A convenient must have for the creative cook.

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What do we grow?

Bay laurel Orange Thyme

Chamomile Oregano

Chives Passion Flower

Corsican Rosemary Peppermint

Dandelion Plantain

Fennel Raspberry Leaf

Garden Mint Rosemary

Goji Berries Sage

Holly Basil Spearmint

Lavender Sweet Basil

Lemon Verbena Thyme

Marigold (Calendula) Tree Basil

Marjoram Vervain

Moroccan Mint Vietnamese Coriander

Nettle Wild Rosehip

Nigella Seeds Winter Savoury

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Be adventurous…

We will blend any combination of the herbs and flowers listed above on request as loose tea or in teabags. We will also do our best to source other ingredients that we do not, or cannot currently produce if requested such as Black, White, and Green Teas and spices such as Ginger, cinnamon and Vanilla. Just blending two ingredients can result in a unique new flavour. Who knows? You might come up with a winner! Here are a few popular recipes:

Seventh Heaven - Chamomile Lemon Verbena Lavender mint

Stomach Soother - Chamomile Mint Lavender. or Peppermint Fennel Ginger

IBS tea - Peppermint Fennel Coriander

Relax – Chamomile Lemon Balm Passion Flower

Calming- Sage Thyme Chamomile Marjoram

Coming soon - Herbes de St Pierre PIZZA SPRINKLE
A mixture primarily containing OREGANO which is known to be the ultimate compliment to flavour tomato. With a dash of Rosemary, Thyme and Basil, this is a must have for pizza lovers.